Beacon Hill Public School Where Individuals Count!

About Us

“Beacon Hill Public School is a positive learning environment providing students opportunities to engage in a variety of educational experiences”
Beacon Hill School is a nut-safe environment


At Beacon Hill School, we believe in:

     · providing a safe and caring school climate

     · teaching the whole child providing all students rich opportunities to grow

     · clearly defined behaviour expectations and teaching students skills necessary for success

     · effective communication between the school and home

     · fostering an attitude of life-long learning

     · providing opportunities for parents to be partners in their children’s education

Beacon Hill School aims to:

     · respond to the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of all students

     · provide numerous opportunities for all students to achieve their goals within the FMPSD framework of instruction, leadership, and learning supports

     · seek the support of all stakeholders placing student learning as their number one priority