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Gr. 2 - Mrs. Shelley Kellington


 The following 2 links, are not apps, but websites:

2-Digit Addition and Subtraction Manipulatives (will support 2-digit computation):

2-Digit Computation  (set board for tens and ones only)

Place Value      This will be helpful when we begin 2-digit addition and subtraction:



Splash Math

There is a free and paid version.  This is a great app for practicing basic math skills as well as problem solving.

Auto Rap

We used this app to create our rap for the assembly.  Two songs are free.

Rocket Speller (free)

-students are shown a picture and then they must spell the word by moving the letters to the circles.  Great for primary grades.

Number Line (free)

-hop the little frog along the number line as you count, sequence and solve addition and subtraction problems.Spelling City (Free)

-includes ten word lists and eight learning games and activities for students of all ages

Pic Collage (Free)

 -great way to practice multi media using pictures and writing skills! 

- arrange photos instantly into frames

-lots of borders and backgrounds to choose from

-get creative with stickers and text

ColarMix (Free, Cost for Extra Pictures)

1. Go to and print out any of the free colouring pages (careful, some allow you to print for free, then charge when you want to view)

2. Add the free app colAR Mix to your mobile device.

3. Your child colours their picture, then views using the app.  WOW!  3-D AND animation!  What can be more fun?!?

Tellagami (FREE, Cost for extra options)

*Ask your child how to use Tellagami to practice skip counting!

-could also be used to practice reading.  Ask our child to video themselves, and listen for fluency. Do they read the way they speak?