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Beacon Hill School Re-Entry

Beacon Hill School Re-Entry


Beacon Hill Public School

Plan updated Tuesday, October 27th  


Principal’s Message to Staff and Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers


Parents and Guardians


Examples of communications via social media (updated regularly). 


Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Beacon Hill Public School.


I am very excited to return in my second year as the Principal of an amazing team of students, staff and community members that make Beacon Hill Public School the amazing school it is. 


As we enter a new year, the school is already coming alive. Our custodians and maintenance department have been working very hard to ensure your children have a clean and safe environment to return to. Our major school renovations are almost finished and the school looks great! Some of our staff has been back in as they are very excited to get the school ready for the students.

We all know that this year will be a different experience than in past years due to Covid-19 as we follow the measures set by the school division and the provincial government. But the warm, caring, learning environment you expect from Beacon Hill Public School is still here. 

Continue to look for updated information on school re-entry as it is released by the school division. 

School staff and admin are working on a school based re-entry plan next week and as more information becomes available it will be communicated via social media and email.


Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year at Beacon Hill Public School.


I hope you had a restful summer holiday.

I am very excited to return in my second year as the Principal of an amazing team of students, 

staff and community members that make Beacon Hill Public School the amazing school it is. 


Our custodians and maintenance department have been working very hard to ensure you have a clean and safe school environment to return to. 

Our major school renovations are almost finished and the school looks great! 

We all know that this year will be a different experience than in past years due to Covid-19 as we follow the measures set by the school division and the provincial government. 

Admin the last two days has been reviewing and working with the school division’s re-entry plan. Upon your return August 25th we will be working all day on our own school based re-entry plan. 

This will be based on the division guidelines but geared towards the uniqueness of each school. 

I have shared a question and answer sheet for you to review and add to regarding re-entry (see below). Many of the questions have been generated and shared between school principals. I am sure there are more. 

Our Leader In Me coaching day originally slated for that afternoon has been rescheduled to allow us time to work on our re-entry plan.

Communications this week:


The staff met  all day August 25th to plan the re-entry process and the principal toured them around the school to review safety measures and designated student entry doors.


Facebook and Twitter to communicate updates.


Phone conversations with parents and guardians. 


We are planning an Open House, published to social media for Thursday, August 27th 3:30 to 6:30pm and Friday, August 28th from 9:00 to 11:00am (by appointment only). 

Virtual Parent Council meeting Thursday, August 27th 6:30 to 7:30pm.


Parent Visits to School


Parents will be advised to stay outside or in their vehicles for daily pick up and drop off. Students are assigned specific doors for school entry and exit. 

Parents who need to enter the building for a meeting or to see the office staff must book an appointment. Upon entering the school visitor/parent/guardian will be asked to sanitize, wear a mask, and complete an Alberta Health Daily Checklist (COVID-19 Screening). If you check yes on any of the questions, we have the right to deny entry. Only staff and students are permitted beyond the main doors without an appointment. 

All safety protocols are posted in all entrances of the building.

Everyone entering the building must wear a mask.

Visitors will be closely tracked for contact tracing purposes. 

Visitors are required to follow the school policies and practice strict physical dstancing and hand hygiene. 

Visitor movement within the school will be limited as much as possible. 

People who have business at the school or who are dropping off items must do so at the main office. The occupancy in the main office at any one time will be limited to two families to a maximum of six visitors. 

Food or lunches for students can be dropped off at the main office.


Daily Screening for Illness, Protocols if a Student Becomes Ill


Parents are asked to screen children daily as per AHS Daily Screening Tool.

Before leaving home, staff, children/students, visitors, and volunteers who will access the school for work or education, must self-screen for symptoms each day that they enter the school using the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist.

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, staff and students must stay home and use the COVID-19 Self-Assessment to determine whether a COVID -19 test is required. 

All students, staff and visitors who meet the following criteria must stay home and self-isolate as per Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines:

  • symptoms of COVID-19, common cold, influenza and other respiratory diseases.
  • travelled outside of Canada the last 14 days.
  • been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case or outbreak of COVID-19.

Teachers will monitor students for COVID symptoms.

If a teacher identifies a student has symptoms in the classroom, then:

  1. Teacher will ask the student to put on a mask if they are not already wearing one. If the student does not have a mask, a disposable mask will be provided. Teacher should place the student in an area in the classroom that is 2m from any other individual
  2. Teacher calls the office.
  3. The Senior Administrative Assistant calls the parent(s) first. If unable to reach parent(s) the emergency contact will be called next. 
  4. The principal will escort the student from the classroom to the infirmary in the main office.
  5. Students will isolate in the infirmary until parent and or guardian arrives for pick up. 
  1. Parents/guardians will do everything in their power to retrieve their children in a timely manner. 
  1. The school custodian will clean high touch surfaces in the classroom.
  2. The infirmary will be disinfected after the student has been picked up.
  3. If there is more than one student, they will be socially distanced in the infirmary
  4. The remaining students in that class will relocate to a sanitized classroom elsewhere in the building until their homeroom can be disinfected. 
  5.  The school will follow specific procedures as outlined in the COVID-19 school resource outbreak guide. 

Drop off and Pick up



  1. Designated entrance and exit doors for classes, upon arrival and dismissal students enter under teacher supervision only. Students will line up in their designated areas. Any students who arrive late will be required to check in at the main office. 
  2. Upon dismissal, teachers will walk students to their assigned door.

a) ECDP/K students will only be released to a parent/guardian. 

3. With regards to winter and inclement weather conditions and if the temperatures go below -22 degrees and there is large amounts of snowfall the administration will direct students to move through the front door of the school and muster by grade cohort in the gym.

4. For inside recess due to inclement weather students will remain in their classroom cohorts.


Bus Students or students walking to school 

(Students who ride the bus will practice assigned procedures).

  1. Students will social distance when exiting the bus in an orderly fashion, monitored by the staff member on bus duty.
  2. Students will move to their assigned entrance doors, monitored by the staff member on bus duty. 
  3. When the bell rings, students will line up in a socially distanced fashion and enter the school only when directed to by their teacher at pre-assigned doorways.
  4. Bus students can go to the bus on their own, maintaining a safe physical distance, monitored by the staff member on bus duty.
  5. Students in Kindergarten will be walked to the bus by the K teacher.
  6. If the bus is late arriving students will make their way in through the main doors of the school, check in and make their way to class.

Parent Drop off/Pick up

Parents will be asked to arrive on time (not too early) at the start of the day and are required to stay in their vehicle or outside of the school, and to maintain a safe physical distance between themselves and others. Parents picking up students from ECDP/K will need to socially distance outside of their child(ren)’s designated exit door.


When the bell rings, students will line up in a socially distanced fashion and enter the school only when directed to by their teacher while maintaining a safe physical distance, parents will be asked to leave at this point. Parents are not allowed to enter the school for the purpose of dropping off and picking up their child.

Bethel Daycare 

Students attending Bethel Daycare in the morning will enter through their assigned door and supervised by daycare staff and follow all the assigned safety procedures as set by the school.

A safe physical distance should be maintained at all times.

Kindergarten students attending daycare will be picked up by Bethel Daycare staff and escorted to the Bethel Daycare rooms.

At 3:10pm, daycare students will head to the daycare rooms while maintaining a safe physical distance, to a predetermined meeting point. 


Transportation & Bussing


Students in grade 4-6 who are physically, psychologically and developmentally able to wear a mask will be required to do so.

K-3 students are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.

Students will be assigned a regular seat; where there are 2-3 students to a seat, the seating plan will first seat family members together, and then school cohorts and finally by bus cohort.

Students will respect physical distancing when getting on and off the bus.

Supervisors and administration will support bus drivers in enforcing these protocols.


Traffic Flow within the School


Directional lines have been placed in the middle of the hallways to remind students to maintain physical distancing and to manage a safe traffic flow.


Directional decals have been placed throughout the hallways to remind students of physical distancing.


Teachers will practice hallway etiquette with their students during the staggered re-entry.


Bathroom use will be pre-assigned for grade cohorts.


Within the school, students will remain in their grade cohorts as much as possible. 


Handwashing and Hand Sanitizing Stations


Hand sanitizing stations with signs have been placed outside each room in the school as well as areas such as the office, photocopy rooms, staff rooms, etc. 

Soap is available at every sink for handwashing.

Handwashing and hand sanitizing will be implemented as part of classroom protocols and will be performed when entering or exiting the school, before and after entering the classroom,  before and after meals, and before and after using shared materials.

Teachers will practice hand washing and sanitizing routines with their students on a regular basis. 


Student Belongings


Upon entry, students will place their outdoor shoes on the assigned rack, in an assigned position, while maintaining safe physical distance. Students in grades 4-6 are required to wear a mask at this time, and it is also recommended for students in K-3. Teachers to supervise this. 

Coat hooks will be used for jackets and personal belongings. The hooks are to be labelled for each student and should be as distanced as possible. 

Teachers will devise a system for retrieving belongings from coat hooks and boot racks that maintains physical distancing.

Personal belongings can also be stowed in a desk or cubby that is designated to a specific student.

At this time lockers will not be in use. 


Recess, Lunch, Transitions


A plan for staggered recess and lunch as to minimize the number of students in the hallways and on the playground at any one time has been developed by the principal and staff.

  • 10:00 to 10:15 am: Div 2 recess
  • 10:15 to 10:30 am: Div 1 recess 
  • 11:36 to 12:00 pm: Div 2 lunch recess
  • 12:00 to 12:24 pm: Div 1 lunch recess
  • 11:36 to 12:00 pm: lunch for all students

Students will only eat the food that they bring from home. They are not permitted to share any food.

A designated lunch drop off location in the main office will be arranged for parents who need to deliver lunch.


Food must be packaged and clearly labeled with their child’s full name and class prior to placing the lunch in the designated area.


Our school hot lunch program will be discussed by the parent council. Implemented in the new year.. 

No food delivery service such as Skip the Dishes. This applies to all students and staff.

Our breakfast program is operating with daily grab and go items distributed to the classrooms.

For recess and playground equipment the School will follow the Government of Alberta Guidelines for Playground.


Playground use will follow the province’s Guidelines for Playgrounds to use the equipment as safely as possible.


Before and after school, two school staff will be assigned to supervise designated outside the school.


This supervision will help support physical distancing.


Student Spaces for In Class and Learning Activities


Classroom Cohorts

Each class will be considered to be a cohort.

Teachers are to avoid shared materials if possible. If not possible, students are to follow handwashing or hand sanitizing protocols. Where possible, specific groupings of materials will be assigned to students or cohorts. 

Where 2 meters is not possible, classrooms will have the greatest possible spacing. Disinfecting tools and materials will be done continuously throughout the day. 

Within class cohorts, there will be interaction between students. In the case of grades 4-6 where masks are required, students may remove their masks when sitting in their assigned seats. They must wear their masks when interacting with classmates within their cohort. They must wear their masks when in common areas or moving through the hallways.

School libraries

As the Division continues to focus on best practice, school-based library staff will be trained in the

use of UltraViolet C (UVC) sanitizing books and electronic resources.

Non-electronic resources returned to the school library/learning commons will be held in 

isolation for 72 hours before being returned to circulation.

More information regarding libraries can be found on the Alberta Government’s COVID-19 Guidance for Libraries document.

Emergency Procedures

Schools will continue to implement emergency drills such as fire drills and lockdowns. Efforts will be made to maintain physical distancing during school evacuation. 

Technology use in schools

Schools will organize in-person instruction to minimize the sharing of devices such as Chromebooks and iPads. That could mean schools assign technology to specific cohorts at certain

times, or to individual students for extended periods of time. Devices will be disinfected between uses according to Division COVID-19 cleaning guidelines.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular sports and clubs are postponed until a later date.