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Beacon Hill Year End 2021

Beacon Hill Year End 2021


May/June 2021


Principal’s Message


Dear Parents, Students and Guardians…


What an interesting school year this has been! Our staff has worked hard to get through a very challenging school year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you - the Beacon Hill Bear families - for your assistance during the unprecedented months. The school has done well with AHS guidelines and students continue to be busy and engaged in a variety of learning activities across all classrooms. We are very hopeful that next year will be less restrictive and we can begin to re-engage in many of the school opportunities (curricular and extracurricular) that we were not able to do because of the public health restrictions around Covid 19. In the 2021-22 academic school year we will continue with our Literacy and Numeracy initiatives as one of our major school related goals, working with both the district literacy and numeracy coordinators. Also, we will continue with our Leader In Me initiatives with a focus on empowering student leadership opportunities by exploring Lighthouse teams. We are sad to bid farewell to Miss Legge Grade 5/6, Mrs. Saxton Administrative Assistant, Miss MacKinnon Grade 4/5, and Ms. Blondin School Counselor who are all relocating to other parts of Canada for next year. We are pleased to welcome: Colleen Zatorski Grade 3/4 and Faith Roberts Grade 1 who will be joining the Bears family next year. 


Finally, I also want to extend a  sincere thank you to Mrs. MacEachern and Mrs. Gear for their asisstance at Beacon Hill as we wrap up the school year. I know you join me in wishing all the staff leaving the Bear Family the very best in the future! 


June 2021 dates

June 18th: Kindergarten Grad

June 21st to 24th: Spirit Week

June 22nd: ECDP Graduation

June 23rd: Grade 6 Graduation

June 24th: Last Day for Students: Report Cards home. 

June 25th: Last Day for Staff



Our Parent Council and Parent Plus Association always need more members. Feel free to join us for our monthly virtual meetings. Both councils are composed of the same dedicated few; whose members have families and also work. Parents can and do make a great difference and our students, your children, benefit from your efforts! 

Thank you to all the families of Beacon Hill Public School for all of the support we receive throughout the year and as always.

Please remember to complete your demographics form if your son or daughter is returning to Beacon Hill School in 2021-22. Please contact the main office.


Beacon Hill School based re-entry plan is posted on the school website:

FMPSD usual links for re-entry.

Some useful links to access regarding Covid 19 and School re-entry are:


Enjoy your summer and see you in September 2021!


Graham Abbott



Staff Year End Messages 

Miss Petruk Kindergarten

Moving from Kindergarten/KEEP to AM/PM Kindergarten classes was an exciting transition. Getting to know two different groups of students has been quite a laugh. Not only will these kids let me know if I've missed something in our regular routine, but they do it with the biggest smile on their face. Although the two different classes have their own likes/dislikes, they all have the kindest hearts. Always willing to share, becoming leaders in the school and managing to transition from in class learning to at home learning without missing a beat are just a few examples of how great these students are. Round of applause for all the parents who transitioned with us to at home learning, we couldn't have done it without you! I am confident that all Kindergarten students will have nothing but success as they move into Grade 1 and I can't wait to meet my new crew in the fall!

Ms. Jeelani Grade 2/3


What a remarkable school year we have had in grade 2/3! I want to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to all the students and families for their cooperation, resilience and assistance.  We were able to get through a very challenging school year - together. Not only did we persevere, we showed tenacity and determination to succeed, exemplifying the true spirit of what it means to be a Beacon Hill Bear. I wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer! 


Ms Legge Grade 5/6

I have had the most amazing three years being part of the Beacon Hill School community. Thank you for being so welcoming. There really is no better than Beacon Hill. Students in grade 5 & 6 this year have faced so much adversity, but have flourished through it all. I will cherish all of my memories from teaching at Beacon Hill, and who knows maybe I will be back again someday. Until then, take care! I am wishing everyone a fabulous summer and hopefully a wonderful school year next year! 

Ms MacKinnon Grade 4/5

I can't believe the year is over… and what a year it has been! Even in the midst of all the pandemic stress and unknowing, we still managed to have a wonderful year in the end. I’m so thankful to have had the students back in June to finish off my last year here at Beacon Hill! It has been a fabulous three years for me and I am going to miss this wonderful school to pieces! I’m heading back to Nova Scotia, but the students, staff and parents here will always hold a special place in my heart :)

Ms Hari ECDP

I have really enjoyed my first year at Beacon Hill School. A number of things made it a wonderful year. The staff and administration are so friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. The parents have been so amazing, compared to other schools, Beacon Hill School feels like a big family. I feel like I am a part of my student’s family as well, thank you parents! How lucky am I, to come to school every day with a big smile on my face! I love my job because of the children. The students are wonderful. It has been such a unique year but you Beacon Hill staff, parents (caregivers) and students have made a great school year for me! Have an amazing summer!!!


Mrs. Saunders Grade 1


Another year is almost over and it's another year that I feel blessed to be a BEAR! This June will mark the end of my 11th year here at the school and it has been a memorable one to say the least. I am so thankful for all of my BEAR family for their love, support and patience as we've found our way through unprecedented times.  The opportunity to watch all of these students grow and learn has been a special privilege that I do not take for granted.  As we move into summer, I wish you all the best with loved ones and sincerely hope you can spend time doing the things you love with the people you love.  See you all in September.

Beacon Hill Public School


What you may or may not know about Beacon Hill Public School!

Safe and Caring Schools

Beacon Hill School provides an environment that promotes and supports positive relationships. Programs and strategies in place promote positive social-emotional learning, respectful behaviors, and responsible decision making. Clear expectations followed by leveled consequences help students learn to shape their behavior to what is acceptable. 


Staff teaches and models positive relationships and behaviors. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports--students are taught expectations, and as situations arise, re-teaching of appropriate behaviors is done in the classrooms. Small group supports for friendship skills, anger, and self-regulation are facilitated by our school counselor and LAC.


We reward positive behaviors with ROARYs, use Zones of Regulation in the classroom, and students are educated in conflict resolution through anti-bullying programs such as WITS. A revamped ROARY program awards students who demonstrate respect, responsibility, effort, trying something new, being prepared and ready, being courteous and polite, being a good listener, caring for others, good cooperation and sharing, and being honest and trustful. ROARIES are displayed in the main hallway and the students get to choose a reward from a treasure chest of prizes.


We recognize citizenship characteristics through ROARIES, PBIS, Zones of Regulation, end of the year awards, and Monthly Assemblies where we recognize: Readers of the Month, Bears of the Month (Work Effort), and Athletes of the Month. 

Students are taught how to interact in appropriate ways when dealing with bullying situations; Partnership with RCMP to deliver programming with teachers. Anti Bullying activities are also done throughout the year and we hold an annual PINK shirt day.Our RCMP sponsored WITS program focuses on conflict resolutions and anti-bullying strategies for students.

Mindfulness is implemented in all grades, and training is provided by the school counselor to help students deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way. Teachers use mindfulness techniques with their students in the classroom. 

Character Education is being taught via the 7 Teachings of First Nations, Metis and Inuit.

This was our third year of implementing The Leader in Me Program and all of our staff have had training in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Through the Leader in Me program our school community is creating a school culture of leaders.  Students are developing leadership skills to enable them to further become leaders in their classrooms, school, and community. Teachers model and teach respectful and responsible behaviors, and active citizenship. A future goal is to work on the establishment of lighthouse student groups to empower students to take on more school based leadership roles.

Student Learning Opportunities


At Beacon Hill Public School we have many great programs both curricular and extracurricular which help shape our students’ futures.  Each grade has a curriculum which is directed by Alberta Education. 


In addition to regular curriculum programming we are focused on providing students with technology skills required for the future in each grade. We offer an after school Tech and Trade Academy Multi-Media and Robotics program.

First Nations, Metis & Inuit Education is mandated by Alberta Education and we are infusing it in the regular curriculum but also have a school wide focus on character education to highlight each of the 7 Teachings and utilize excellent resources available in our school library.

Grades 5-6 follow the Career & Technology Foundations Curriculum to explore career possibilities and related skills, passions and interests.

A large number of students have taken on Leadership positions within the school which highlight their strengths and interests thanks to The Leader in Me.

Fine Arts

Each grade has a curriculum which is directed by Alberta Education. Drama and Music curriculum is infused into regular instruction in the classroom and teachers utilize numerous online resources for lessons. We have a trained Art teacher on staff that teaches lessons to various grades. 

We have a Ukulele and guitar club at lunch recess twice a week. We participate in a Spring Fine Arts and Multicultural Evening at the school to celebrate student accomplishments. Students participate in various community art contests that are offered in the community.




Beacon Hill School technology opportunities include: iMovie, Robotics, Multimedia, Brickz 4Kidz, and the school wide use of iPads and Chrome books and Epson boards in all the classrooms.


Tech and Trade Academy is new and students in grade 3 to 6 can participate bi-weekly in Multimedia, iMovie and Robotics’ activities. All students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 have access to either iPads or ChromeBooks in the classroom, as well as Epson Boards. Our students compete in the annual Robotics’ Tournament every Spring.

Students access gmail accounts so they can use Google Docs to collaborate on projects and be able to access accounts anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  Students may also have teachers using google classroom to review and submit work to teachers. iPads and Chromebooks are used to access web based programs such as Mathletics, RAZ kids, Lexia, and Mipi.



We are an APPLE school choosing learning geared towards healthy eating & active living, and involve our students in daily physical activities. We offer a daily breakfast program, supported by our nutrition grant, for our students as well as an optional hot lunch program. A morning and lunch recess provides opportunities for students to have a break and get some exercise.  

We have a school APPLE teacher rep that works with the division Apple School coordinator to help deliver programs and educate students.

We have a school counselor who delivers Mindfulness training to students as well as other positive ways to deal with mood changes, anxiety and other life stresses.

Physical Education


Our Phys Ed program follows the curriculum set out by Alberta Education and includes tubing for grade 3, Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding for Grades 4-6, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbee, badminton, running club, archery, flag football, soccer, dodgeball, capture the flag, and other games. Physical Education is taught by the classroom teacher.

Daily Physical Activity is incorporated in class, and more often is a movement break between lessons , and Intramurals are run twice a week during recess and lunch times (basketball, volleyball and floor hockey).

Learning another language

Students in grades 5/6 learn French as part of weekly instruction.


Learning in the Classroom


We offer a wide range of learning activities (project based learning, differentiated instruction) which allow our students to develop competencies such as problem solving, critical thinking, cooperation and collaboration. Students work together under the facilitation of the teacher to complete a variety of projects and assignments throughout the year.

Academic Supports


A school wide focus on using Daily 5 for literacy and numeracy instruction, Leveled Literacy Intervention, Mathletics, Google Classroom, See Saw and Reading Eggs in the classroom. Literacy and Numeracy support through Leveled Literacy and Numeracy, and Daily 5 Interventions in and out of class occur daily in the school’s grade 1-6 classes.  Each teacher utilizes Guided Reading and Math routines to help students at their skill level.  Supplemental programs to build skills further such as Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Math Seeds, RAZ kids, Lexia, Mipi, and Math Prodigy help our students improve. In preparation for PAT exams, grade 6 students finish their curriculum and have regular comprehensive reviews, practice exams, and tutorials.


Teachers use Strategies such as Exam Back, Levelled Literacy Interventions, Daily Five, student learning centres, differentiated instruction, and Words Their Way, Reading Eggs, Math seeds, Daily 3, Mathletics, Math Prodigy, Math Antics, Math Manipulatives, Handwriting without Tears, and Jolly Phonics as part of daily instruction. 


We continue to provide yearlong opportunities for all students to develop a knowledge and understanding of, and respect for, the histories, cultures, languages, contributions, perspectives, experiences and contemporary contexts of First Nations, Metis and Inuit, and to enhance our school communities’ understanding of First Nations, Metis and Inuit world views, cultural beliefs, languages and values, and teach about truth and reconciliation.


Students have access to a wide range of after school clubs and school events: art club, debate club, tech and multimedia club, musical bears, ultimate Frisbee, running club, snowshoeing club, archery club, volleyball, basketball, track and field, floor hockey, and badminton, Sports Day, Earth Rangers, Edmonton trip for div 2 (every year), family dances, Turkey Day, Christmas Concert, Fine Arts Multicultural Evening, Heritage Park Program, Oil Sands Discovery Center program, Vista Ridge Ski & Snowboarding program, participation in Girl Power Conference/Boys Conferences, and Grade 6 visit to Composite High school. 


We are lucky to have a caring and dedicated staff that works hard to meet the curriculum expectations while creating exciting and interesting lessons for our students, engaging them in hands- on activities and challenging them as needed. 

Teachers collaborate with grade partners, participate in a school based mentorship program for new teachers, and collaborate on Professional Learning Fridays and in Monthly Collaborative Response Meetings sharing expertise and knowledge.

Our School’s half time Learning Assistance Teacher guides staff regarding students with special needs and works closely with parents to ensure the students’ needs are being met. She also takes on small groups of students for instruction in reading and other specialized areas. We have a half time School Counselor who assists students with problems and issues. She also works with classes with Mindfulness training and organizes anti-bullying activities.

Prep for Lifelong Learning

Leadership development opportunities are offered to older students as help in the main office, Students assisting students (Reading Buddies), MC’s at assemblies, breakfast program helpers, student advisory council, and leaders in the classroom. 

We work with students to support the community through activities related to the Terry Fox Foundation, The Wood Buffalo Food Bank, The United Way, And Jump Rope for Heart as well as fundraising for our own neighbourhood families.


We are teaching students to be conscious of their environment as a Green School. Students also learn to care for our environment by recycling drink containers, and experimenting with growing vegetables in our Garden Tower. A future school goal is to build some outside planters so that we can have a school garden, and students can participate in a school outdoor environmental club. 

Parental Involvement

Parents are involved in decisions about their child’s education via School Council and Parent Plus meetings.  The School Council and the Principal communicate via a regular newsletter, Twitter and Facebook so parents are kept abreast of what is happening at the school through the media. Parents can remain in constant communication with the school via arranged meetings, email, phone calls, or following the Facebook page, Twitter and School Website. The office administration is always open to hearing concerns from parents.


The Principal shares and gets input from School Council members regarding school budget, school results and the growth plan.  Parents volunteer their time to support numerous school based activities and fundraisers. Good community resources include: Mental Health Programs, our partnership with the RCMP, Earth Rangers, the Oil sands Discovery Center, Heritage Park, Vista Ridge, and the Family Foods grocery store.  


One special community function that occurs traditionally is our Turkey Day where members of the community, parents and staff assist in teaching our students how to prepare a Turkey Dinner: peeling potatoes, cooking vegetables, setting tables, and serving guests food.  It is an annual school celebration and huge event. This past year was the largest attendance ever by parents and members of the community. 


Staff acknowledge student volunteers and parent volunteers through a yearly volunteer appreciation event.



Students learn to be better citizens through our health and social programming in each grade.  In addition, Students learn about character education through our 7 Teachings, through leadership opportunities and the Leader in Me program, and Girl Power and Mega Boys.  We do a lot of community awareness fundraising via The Center of Hope and The Food Bank, as well as larger projects such as Jump Rope for Heart, the United Way, and Terry Fox foundations.  Student leaders are constantly surprising us with their willingness to help the community as good citizens.  We are environmentally conscious and have a recycling program within the school as well as participating in events such as Destination Conservation and Green Scene.  


Work Preparation


Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving are just a few examples of learning strategies to prepare students for the world of work.  Teachers ensure that projects are purposeful and hold meaning because they relate to the work outside of school.   In Grade 5 & 6 students have access to research about particular careers that may interest them. The Leader in Me Program is also preparing them by teaching the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. We also liaison with our local high schools as our grade 6 students plan for their transition there for the next year. 

Continuous Improvement

Every year the staff analyzes our School results and looks at how we can further improve in areas that are needed. Strategies are implemented and often, specific interventions are provided to students in all grades to help them become more successful.

Our most recent results are posted on the website and show that we have VERY HIGH results which have improved significantly from the year prior and show overall excellence.

 Helpful Hints for Parents

1.  Encourage your child to develop a positive outlook toward school.

2.  Stay in regular contact with your child’s teachers.

3.  Attend parent-teacher interview virtual meetings.

4.  Inform the school in advance of your child’s absence from school.

5.  Contact school staff when an incident arises in school involving your child.

6.  Cooperate with the school when solving issues involving your child.

7.  Watch for changes in your child’s mood or behavior that might

     suggest problems at school.

8.  Inform teachers of issues that might affect your child’s progress

     or behavior.

9.  Review your child’s homework and assignments, and sign their agendas.

10. Read at home and help out with school work if possible.

11. Regularly check all communications from the school (includes social media sites).


Please Remember


1.   Polite cooperation with all school personnel is essential. 

2.   All visitors must sign in and out at the main office according to

 Covid19 AHS protocols.

3.   All students have the right to attend school without being afraid

 or intimidated. 

4.   Harassment of any type (sexual, verbal or physical) and bullying

 (physical, verbal or via social media) will not be tolerated and dealt with


5.  Clothing, book bags, etc. that display inappropriate language,

  slogans, pictures or symbols, or anything that might be considered

  offensive will not be permitted.

6.   Cell Phones are not to be used in the school during class times and

must be kept in backpacks.

7.   Bikes and scooters must be locked in the bike racks.

8.   Please remember to drive slowly in the school zone and 

please park in designated areas.

9.   Please remember to not drop off students in the bus lanes 

or the parking lot entrance ways.

10. Staff supervision of students starts at 7:55am and ends at 3:05pm.


Beacon Hill School 2021-22 Schedule


8:10 am: First Bell

8:15 am: am Bell

10:00 am to 10:15 am: Div 2 Recess

10:15 am to 10:30 am: Div 1 Recess

10:30 am: Recess End bell

11:36 am to 12:24 pm: Lunch - Lunch Recess

11:36 am to 12:00 pm: Div 2 Recess - Div 1 Lunch

12:00 pm to 12:24 pm: Div 1 Recess - Div 2 Lunch

2:50 pm: School End


ECDP and Kindergarten

8:15 am to 11:01 am

12:04 pm to 2:50 pm


Parent and Visitors to the School


Parents will be advised to stay outside or in their vehicles for daily pick up and drop off. Students are assigned specific doors for school entry and exit. Parents are reminded to drop off their children as near to the school start time of 8:10am as possible.

During times of inclement weather students will enter the school through the front door and assemble in their cohorts in designated areas in the gymnasium. 

Parents who need to enter the building for a meeting or to see the office staff must book an appointment. Upon entering the school visitor/parent/guardian will be asked to sanitize, wear a mask, and complete an Alberta Health Daily Checklist (COVID-19 Screening). If you check yes on any of the questions, we have the right to deny entry. Only staff and students are permitted beyond the main doors without an appointment. 

All safety protocols are posted in all entrances of the building.

Everyone entering the building must wear a mask. Visitors will be closely tracked for contact tracing purposes and visitor movement within the school will be limited as much as possible. 

Visitors are required to follow the school policies and practice strict physical dstancing and hand hygiene. People who have business at the school or who are dropping off items must do so at the main office. The occupancy in the main office at any one time will be limited to two families to a maximum of six visitors. Thank you for your understanding.

Leader In Me


This is our second year as a Leader In Me school. For the 2021-22 School Year we have set our school wide focus on involving our students in more leadership activities and decision making. Our classroom teachers use LIM habits as part of daily instruction helping our students 

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the Saw challenges a person to seek continuous improvement and renewal. Overcoming burnout can be achieved by taking time for oneself through physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual renewal. Habit 7 is revitalizing and helps establish greater capacity for self-improvement.


Beacon Hill School Council 


Beacon Hill School Council meets once a month virtually during the school year to discuss items concerning our school – working collaboratively with the Principal, Teachers and Administration to ensure that our students receive the highest quality of education.  Opportunities are available for parents to have input at the school, district and provincial levels.


Some of the items that have been discussed in the past include:

  • Suggestions for introduction of new programs – ie. Leader in Me
  • Bus Transportation
  • Input & Discussion into ASCA Resolutions
  • Discussion of School Activities/Programming


At each virtual monthly meeting, the Principal will always provide a report regarding the school’s activities, programs and direction regarding education. Networks Representatives will provide a report regarding discussions that have occurred at a district level.


All parents and guardians are members of the school council, so please join us so that your voice can be heard.  For more information, please contact any of the executives below.


Thank you to all the School Council executive members for the 2020/2021 school year:


Wendy MacMillan – Chairperson

Jina Clarke – Vice Chairperson

Stacy McNally – Secretary

Katrina Jaycox – Networks Representative



School Council is done for the 2020/2021 school year – thank you to everyone who participated throughout the year.  The next meeting will be in September, and we will be holding our AGM – we will be looking for parents/guardians to hold positions for the 2021/2022 year.  The positions that will be available are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Networks Representative.  More information on what these positions entail will be sent out in the fall -  watch for meeting dates and times in September.  We wish everyone a safe, healthy, fantastic summer!! 


Beacon Hill Parents Plus January Report

A big thank you to our 2020/21 Executive members! 

Jina Clarke - Chairperson

Katrina Jaycox - Vice Chairperson

Donna Wilson - Secretary

Nola Nippard - Treasurer

Stacy McNally - Social Media Coordinator


Hello Beacon Hill families! 


We can not even believe it’s the end of the year already! Although it was definitely a little different than most, the Parents Plus Association is very grateful for everyone who took part in our monthly meetings & a huge thank you to all who supported our fundraisers! School community involvement is what keeps our association going and we just can’t do it without you all! Please consider being an active voice at your child’s school next year. We always love having new faces at our meetings and hearing new ideas for school events and fundraisers! 


We hope you all have a fun and safe summer!


Jina Clarke



Tower Gardens

Ms Jeelani’s Grade 2/3s and Ms. Petruk’s Kindergarten class have been learning and exploring how to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers using the Tower Gardens. Students are excited with this endeavor and are taking the lead on this project. We are happy to report our plants look great! Our goal is to grow berries next year. 


Spirit Week June 21st to June 24th


APPLE SCHOOLS: Health and Wellness Guidelines


Students in APPLE Schools take ownership of their own health and demonstrate:


  • 35% increase in physical activity 
  • 2-3 times more steps taken per day 
  • Increases in physical activity during school hours, after school hours, and on weekends


  • Students eat 10% more fruits and vegetables and consume 237 fewer calories per day 


  • Students show improved quality of life, leadership abilities, productivity and learning outcomes 


  • Increases in physical activity are seen across all students, regardless of whether they were active or not beforehand 
  • Children with the lowest starting levels of activity benefit the most



Calendar of Events


June 2021


























K Grad.




Spirit Week.


ECDP Grad.


Last day for ECDP/K.

Grade 6 Grad.


Last day for students. 

Report Cards Home.



Last day for teachers