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Mr. Graham Abbott

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Dear Parents, Students and Guardians…

I am excited to provide leadership as the Principal at Beacon Hill Public School and I look forward to working with the staff, students, parents and guardians this year!

I have been in Fort McMurray for 14 years and was principal at Greely Road School, Composite Highschool, Thickwood Heights School and District Principal in Human Resources. This is my 36th year in Education and I am happy to be a part of the Bears family.

Beacon Hill Public School is on track for another terrific year, full of classroom learning, Fine Arts activities and events, Outdoor Club, Extracurricular Sports, Robotics, Physical Education opportunities, field trips and outings, in-school presentations, a focus on building community and school culture, and upon improving student achievement (a school wide focus on literacy and numeracy & character building). We are planning a repeat of many of the fun events and traditions from previous years and much, much more!

Our enrollment has grown to 192 students; an increase of 20 students from last year! 

We look forward to our journey in the Leader in Me program - and we are going to focus on developing student Leadership Opportunities. New to the staff this year is Olivia Wheeler Grade 1,  Christine Littman Grade 2, Holly Barr (Counselor), and our new EAs: Amber Lavallee, Krya Chubb, Makayla Clark, Tara Mirza, and Farah Naz. Chelsi Ryan will be teaching ECDP and is our new LAC, and Melanie Bailey is back in the classroom teaching grade 4. 

We look forward to working together with parents and guardians as part of our educational team to help students complete a successful year at Beacon Hill Public School. 

Our Parent Council and Parent Plus Association always need more members. Feel free to join us for our monthly meetings. Both councils are comprised of the same dedicated few; whose members have families and also work. We also have great need of parents who would be able to commit to helping at our many other school and fundraising events. Parents can and do make a great difference and our students, your children, benefit from your efforts! 

Thank you to all the families of Beacon Hill Public School for all of the support we receive throughout the year and as always, our doors are open for both concerns and compliments!

Let’s work together to make this the best year yet for our students!

Graham Abbott